● Low cost in use: power consumption is only 20%-30% of CO2 laser
● High speed: 2-3 times faster than YAG or CO2 laser
● High accuracy: fine laser beam, slim kerf

Laser Power: 1500 – 6000W

● Efficient: interchangeable use of dual work surfaces
●Environmental protection: full enclosure is beneficial for waste gas collection
● Good effect: high-power laser beam, thin cut, smoother cut surface

Laser Power: 2000-30000W

● Multiple functions: both metal plates and metal pipes can be applied
● Fast speed: aluminum alloy beam, high acceleration
● High precision: thin laser beam and fine incision

Laser Power: 1500-6000W

● Profession: Born for cutting pipes
● High efficiency: direct cutting in the center
● High precision: thin laser beam, small incision, smooth cut surface


Aotu-feeding Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Professional: The machine automatically loads and unloads and automatically starts cutting.
High efficiency: Reclaiming and cutting are carried out simultaneously without stopping.
High precision: the laser beam is thin, the incision is small, and the cut surface is smooth.

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