ZYB series

CNC Hybrid-Electro (Double) Servo Press Brake

Standard DA53T system, optional DA58T/ DA66T/CT12
Standard 3+1 CNC (Y1, Y2, X+V)
Up to 8+1 axes can be supported
Standard mechanical deflection compensation
Adopt SVP or ESVP pump control energy saving system

ZYC series

CNC Hydraulic-Electro Servo Press Brake

Standard CT8 system, optional CT12
Standard 4+1 CNC (Y1, Y2, X, Y+V)
Standard mechanical deflection compensation
Electro-hydraulic servo control system

WC67K series

NC Torsion Bar Hydraulic Press Brake

E21 system or E300P system
Mechanical Torsion Shaft Synchronization System
Optional manual deflection compensation structure

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