CNC Press Brake


  • Support user-customized colors and styles

Main Feature

  • High resolution color TFT.
  • Up to 8+1 axis control.
  • “Hotkeys” touch navigation.
  • Efficient angle programming and 3D preview.
  • 0.01mm precision control.
  • Free choice of accessories.
  • European Union CE safety standards.
  • More green-friendly and energy-saving hydraulic solutions

The CNC Press Brake can accurately synchronize Y1-Y2 hydraulic pressure, and the touch screen CNC panel can control up to 8+1 axes. ZYMT Press Brake brings you benefits through higher quality parts, faster cycle times, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Capacity: 40T/2200-3000T/14000






ZYMT has reached cooperation with customers in a flexible way of sales, and customers can purchase relevant accessories at will according to their needs. 

Numerical control system, back gauge, front support, safety protection equipment, main motor, hydraulic system, air cooling.

  • Type 2 back view
  • Type 1 back view

Mold integration

SPB ( Hydraulic system V2.0 )

  • The AC motor is used as the main power source of the oil pump.
  • Well-known brand motors, oil pumps, and hydraulic valves.

SVP ( Hydraulic system V2.1 )

  • Using servo motor as the main power source of hydraulic pump can save about 40% energy
  • The overall efficiency of the slider increases by about 7-20%
  • Oil temperature can be reduced by about 10-20 ℃
12 %
Power saving

ESVP ( Hydraulic system V3.0 )

  • High efficiency and energy saving, oil tank capacity reduced by 70%
  • Fast-performance and duty cycle reduction 10%
  • Compared with the traditional system,energy efficiency 50% up
  • The positioning accuracy of precision-up to 5μm Integrated servo pump
  • Lower-noise at work integrated pressure filters ensures high stability and long service life
12 %
Power saving

3+1 Type CNC backgauge

Y1+Y2+ X + V

  • Y1Y2=CNC Cylinder
  • V=Deflection Compensation
  • X=Backgauge Width

4+1 Type CNC backgauge

Y1+Y2+ X+R + V

  • Y1Y2=CNC Cylinder
  • V=Deflection Compensation
  • X=Backgauge Width
  • R=Backgauge Height

6+1 Type CNC backgauge

Y1+Y2+ X+R+Z1+Z2 + V

  • Y1Y2=CNC Cylinder
  • V=Deflection Compensation
  • X=Backgauge Width
  • R=Backgauge Height
  • Zx=Backgauge Length

8+1 Type CNC backgauge

Y1+Y2+ X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2 + V

  • Y1Y2=CNC Cylinder
  • V=Deflection Compensation
  • Xx=Backgauge Width
  • Rx=Backgauge Height
  • Zx=Backgauge Length

CNC Systems

We plan to produce only touch-screen-controlled Press Brake for a lot of time in the future, and users can choose any familiar CNC system.

We work closely with Delem from the Netherlands, Cybelec from Switzerland, and ESA from Italy.

Standard Delem DA53T

Customer case

  • We have a sales history in more than 100+ countries, and have held more than 130+ exhibitions in total, with 100k+ visitors.

Production line

  • Press Brake High-speed production line workshop
  •  Export Press Brake production workshop

Large bending machine case

  • Only part of the large-scale bending machine cases can be displayed here. If you need more local user cases, please contact our salesperson.

Professional Employees

  • We have professional employees who carefully manufacture every piece of equipment to create and maintain the status of the ZYMT brand in the hearts of customers.


ModelNominal pressureMaximum bending lengthColumn spacingThroat depthSlide strokeMounting heightMain motor powerBackgauge strokeBackgauge speedL*W*H(mm)Weight(t)
  • Validity period: 2021.07.20

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