Metal Plate And Tuber Cutting Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Suitable for thin metal tubes

● Bigger adjustment range: Focus on cutting carbon steel plate and tube within 15mm thickness, and stainless steel plate and tube within 8mm thickness
● Less power consumption: Fiber laser technology improves power efficiency and greatly reduces the power consumption of the system, no laser maintenance is needed
● More Efficiency: Servo motor bilateral drive, bilateral dust removal, dual-working table reduce loading and unloading time
● High Speed: Without manual operation, it can focus automatically, greatly increase the processing speed
● Multiple Uses: This fiber laser cutting machine is designed for pipes and sheets, it can save more than half of the space and cost, which effectively improve production efficiency and ROI
● High precision: Clamps can position the sheet to prevent the moving of the sheet which will ensure the accuracy of the processing
● Fractional support installation: Solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting

Laser Power: 1000 – 8000W

Laser cutting video

Laser cutting is suitable for 3000W-20000W laser power, and the cutting thickness is related to the laser power.

Tempering processing machine frame

The internal structure of the bed is welded by multiple rectangular pipes, and a reinforced rectangular tube is arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile resistance of the bed, increase the tensile resistance and stability of the guide rail surface, and effectively avoid the deformation of the bed. After the bed is tempered, the internal stress can be completely released, and the internal stress can be almost ignored, so that the accuracy of the machine tool can be maintained for a long time.

2nd generation cast aluminum beam

Cast aluminum

Light weight, good dynamic performance of beam

Honeycomb structure

Resistance to deformation, uniform texture

High strength

High-pressure casting process, no porosity, no blisters

Large touch screen

The Bochu Laser intelligent operating system integrates a variety of advanced functions to easily achieve high-efficiency production.

Reliable laser generator


IPG Photonics Corporation. Imported from Germany


maxphotonics, Innovation and technology are the cornerstones of our development

Automatic focusing cutting head

Equipped with an automatic focusing cutting head, which can automatically and accurately adjust the focus according to the thickness of the material, suitable for a variety of focal lengths;
Shorten piercing time, improve piercing quality, high-speed cutting, and save time.

Smart remote

The button setting is simple and clear, one-button wireless control: calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc.;
Magnetic design, easy to handle, easy to work.

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